Welcome to Zachs Story!

I was a single mom when Zach was little. I had a lot of help from my mom and dad who lived close by. He had always been very adventurous. He loved to skateboard, ski and do tricks on his bike. He has always had so many friends, because he was always one of those that just loved life and lived it to the fullest. He always kind of encouraged me to try things I might not have tried.

Z1When Zach was in 6th grade a doctor suggested he might have ADD. I took him to get tested and of course they put him on Ritalin. When he was in 7th grade he put a smoke bomb in the library. The school pressed charges and that kind of started his chain of downward spiral. He was in the detention center, went through a phase where he painted his nails black and was depressed, started smoking marijuana. I put him in a place for a month called Buckeye Boys Ranch for kids with issues. Then he started trying other things like downing cough syrup and sniffing white out. He was in a special class for troubled kids at Phila. Then he stole a car with his friend and ran away to Arkansas. Judge Kate agreed to let me send Zach to a very strict camp in Montana. (the camp has since closed because of allegations of abuse and even a death) He was there for a year and half. Zach came back ready for a change, ready to be “good” until he got in with the “wrong crowd” and started using again.. cocaine, ecstasy, pills. He stole from my mom and when we realized that we decided we needed to press charges. So he went to Mohican (a juvenile prison) and that’s where he graduated from.

I helped him get into art school in Pittsburgh.. he was doing great. He was an artist and musician. Until he was in a car accident. He was in intensive care on oxycontin for pain. The doctor weaned him off, but he went back to Pittsburgh and tried heroin which was cheaper and had the same feeling as oxy. That’s when he got hooked on that.